Retail and Distribution

SBGK can help clients find their way in the applicable EU and Hungarian legislative environment regarding any matter that may arise in delivering products from producers to consumers. In providing our legal services to our clients participating in retail, we focus on reinforcing and retaining businesses’ market positions in a way that the requirement of fair competition is not breached.

Our clients can rely on the participation of SBGK’s associates in drafting their retail and distribution agreements, as well as for legal consulting related to concentration, State aid and proceedings in front of the national and EU competition authorities. We also provide effective help in solving any legal jobs that may arise during the creation, existence and dissolution of companies.

In the course of our activity, we cater to drafting manufacturing, distribution, franchising and other contracts applicable to this sector’s domain; provide legal consulting to retail businesses and prepare agreements among retail market players and undertakings at different levels of the distribution chain.


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