SBGK Attorneys at Law and Patent Attorneys have professional experience of many years in the field of different industry sectors and practice areas. Our firm during its 50 years operation has been providing outstanding professional services and is still owned by the Hungarian partners, which proves the fact, that SBGK was able to hold its leading position on the Hungarian market over the last half-century within the changing market and new challenges. Our attorneys at law and patent attorneys are assisted by a highly qualified staff in order to provide high professional services to our clients anytime.

The president of SBGK is always the current managing partner of SBGK Attorneys at Law, therefore presently Dr. Katalin Szamosi is the president of the board. In addition to the president the board has two-two members representing the attorneys at law and patent attorneys. The members of the board as owners and partners also participate in the strategic and operational management of SBGK.

Members of the Board:

Dr. Katalin SZAMOSI,


Zsolt SZENTPÉTERI, member of the board

Katalin MÉSZÁROSNÉ DÓNUSZ, member of the board

dr. Enikő KARSAY, member of the board

Our attorneys at law have many years of experience and are recognized as professionals in their practice areas. Most of them started their carrier at SBGK, have excellent knowledge of the English language and are invited speakers of international events and publish in different professional journals and bulletins. Our attorneys at law are at the clients’ disposal in several practice areas. Moreover, our people are entitled and have the necessary qualification to represent their clients before the Hungarian courts, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, Hungarian Competition Authority, Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), further before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Please find the list of the practice areas of our attorneys at law here.

Our patent attorneys are practicing almost in all fields of technology and have experience of several decades in patenting inventions and validating foreign patent applications in Hungary. Therefore our patent attorneys have clients from all type of companies from the start-ups to the large companies. Our patent attorneys have not only Hungarian but also European license, therefore they are authorized to represent their clients before the national courts, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, European Patent Office (EPO), Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), further before the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). Please find the list of the practice areas of our patent attorneys here.

We are proud to have several counsels, who become persons of recognized standing during their professional career of several decades in Hungary and on international level.

Ádám SZENTPÉTERI, Hungarian and European patent attorney

Mr. Szentpéteri is member of the office since 1972, prior to that he become known internationally as the managing partner of SBGK Patent Attorneys. He was awarded Jedlik Ányos Prize for his high quality and effective work.

In the history of Hungary the introduction of economic reforms coincided with the establishment of SBGK. Our firm was established by recognized and prominent attorneys at law and patent attorneys in 1969, when they concluded the agreement after the publication of the “new economic mechanism”, that they join their knowledge of civil law and intellectual property, further their clienteles in order to establish the predecessor of S.B.G.&K. Patent and Law Office, the International Patent and Law Office.

The history of SBGK includes many major events until the official establishment of the firm of which also the current team can be justly proud. Tibor Schön, who was the first patent attorney in Hunary, started his praxis in 1896. His son, Tibor Somlai obtained a patent attorney qualification in 1929, then in 1969 with two famous patent attorneys: Ferenc Bíró and András Beliczay, and with Dr. Tibor Sasvári and Dr. Béla Kende attorneys at law he established the predecessor of SBGK. Many of their descendants are still members and colleagues of SBGK.

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