Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law

Insolvency and bankruptcy law is an important area in maintaining effective market operation and asserting economic interests in a legal framework. Essentially, it deals with settling the debt of economic operators in a position of impending insolvency or already insolvent through bankruptcy proceedings and reaching settlements, as well as with the dissolution of insolvent economic operators by way of liquidation. Accordingly, SBGK offers a solution for managing every legal problem related to insolvency proceedings, and therefore also assists its clients in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings, during consultations leading-up to such proceedings, any litigation that may be linked to the proceedings, furthermore during settlement negotiations and consultations held by boards of creditors.

We consider the most effective possible assertion of our clients in creditor positions to be our most crucial job on the creditor side. To accomplish this, we take part in asserting creditors’ claims, clarifying any contended creditor demands, and provide legal counsel regarding creditors’ rights.

SBGK has widespread experience in managing economic operators’ impending insolvency positions from the legal aspect. As part of that, we provide reorganisation and refinancing consultancy for companies facing financial difficulty, and also deliver complex legal services in corporate and labour, bankruptcy, and corporate financing matters to companies looking to restructure themselves. Our experience shows that cooperation among owners, competent general management and financing institutions – with appropriate legal coordination provided by SBGK – can set the groundwork for an undertaking’s successful reorganisation and continued operation even in difficult market circumstances.



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