Trademark Law

Trademarks are the most important type of goods identification: as a form of identifying goods, trademarks are a means of designation to identify and distinguish between various goods and/or services, as well as to expedite consumer orientation. Being an essential means in economic competition, they play an outstanding role in the marketing and advertising field due to their function as a designator of origin and quality, and are also the primary bearer of an undertaking’s recognition and goodwill. Trademark protection provides the eligible party exclusive rights to use the designation, thus authorising it to take action against anyone using an identical mark or one that may be mistaken for it by referencing trademark protection. For economic operators that also have a foreign market presence, it is advisable to secure foreign (European and/or international) protection apart from national trademark protection, so that they can take action upon any infringements.

SBGK’s services include, among others, searching previous rights, drafting national, Community and international applications, monitoring potential infringements, representation in trademark infringement litigation in front of Hungarian courts and the European Court of Justice, trademark portfolio management, and drafting trademark use agreements.

We will cater to rights holder representation in customs oversight proceedings and any others resulting from products seized during domestic raids, furthermore we will also undertake filing customs monitoring requests.

SBGK has widespread experience in determining the valuable rights of intellectual property, as well. Based on experiences from trademark and patent appraisal we can conclude that such can be used as security to be provided to credit institutions, as contribution in-kind for increasing economic operators’ equity or as a means to designate a part of corporate assets, and also that they are playing and increasingly important role in this regard. SBGK will be happy to assist clients with preparing trademark appraisals or patent appraisals, which we do by engaging our economy experts.



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