Competition Law

This area includes antitrust law, the law of state aid, unfair competition law, and competition law related consumer protection. Within antitrust law, SBGK tends to consulting and representation in the cartel law, abuse of dominant position and merger control domains. SBGK regularly provides consultancy in the antitrust law domain, along with training for developing competition law compliance, primarily by way of preparing and training compliance programmes, drafting guides for “dawn raids” and providing training on such, as well as conducting competition law audits. We cater to the legal representation of our clients at the competition authority with jurisdiction and the courts in cases related to restrictive agreements and abuses of a dominant position throughout competition authority proceedings. Representation is furthermore provided in the matter of licensing the concentration of companies. The law of unfair competition is the area of competition law in the broader sense that is most closely linked to common law. This principally covers the protection of good standing and trade secrets, the ban on boycotting and the prohibition of passing off. SBGK regularly provides consulting and represents clients in court cases in the unfair competition law domain. The law of unfair competition has a number of links to the law of intellectual work, particularly through the passing-off of an auxiliary nature, which entails protection for distinctive features (names, logos, forms, packaging) in the lack of and also in parallel to industrial property rights protection. The passing off and infringement of intellectual work is likewise connected with the essentially identical system of sanctions and procedural rules in such cases.



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