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SBGK has provided consulting for leading international skin care and cosmetic product manufacturers and their affiliates in Hungary for many decades. Thanks to this, SBGK also has extensive experience in managing legal problems that arise in connection with sales networks, as well as in legal consulting associated with the manufacturing and market entry of new cosmetic products. This is supplemented by our competence in labelling, advertising law and other consumer protection related matters, and our decades-long experience in brand protection. The law of intellectual works (with particular reference to patent law), furthermore other rules involving relationships under civil law play a decisive role in how the life sciences industry operates. Continuously tracking changing legislation that regulates such activity and abiding by the provisions laid down in the aforementioned is of critical importance for companies in the biotech industry. SBGK has widespread experience in performing legal tasks related to the life sciences industry; we represent a number of major pharmaceutical companies, and our staff members have up-to-date information regarding the legislative environment.


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