Litigation, Arbitration, Dispute Resolution

SBGK represents its clients in court litigation cases for any area of specialisation it deals with, and – depending on the nature of the case – also engages in their litigation related representation in arbitration proceedings. We have also represented our clients at the European Court of Justice in numerous cases. In addition to the above, we also participate in the implementation of our clients’ litigated or out-of-court settlements, consistently with the circumstances of the given case.

SBGK also provides full scope assistance to its clients in every non-litigated proceeding, thus particularly in the context of claims management, payment warrant proceedings, voluntary dissolution, bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings, and probate processes. Additionally, we provide help our clients can rely on when establishing companies and registering non-governmental organisations.

On top of litigated and out-of-court representation, SBGK acts as its clients’ representative in numerous cases during authority oversight, audit and licensing procedures conducted at various administrative authorities—including the Hungarian Competition Authority, consumer protection authorities, the tax authority, etc. Several of our partners are adjudicators in domain disputes, as well as incidentally elected judges in economic cases at the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In addition, we also engage in representing our clients and provide them assistance during alternative dispute resolution means, plus in the drafting of contracts and agreements.



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