Patent Law

Patents provide legal protection for inventions by creating a more favourable position on the market of products and technologies for patent holders over their competitors.

In Hungary, valid patents can be obtained secured by filing national or EU applications or in the scope of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), provided that said applications comply with the statutory requirements. Acquiring foreign rights can be initiated by applications to foreign national intellectual property offices, and additionally - in case of the member states of the European Patent Convention (EPC) - also using the European way, i.e. filing a Patent Applicatiun at the European Patent Office (EPO). Applications may be filed directly or in frame of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and the final protection is granted as the result of the respective examination procedure carried out by the competent authority.

SBGK’s patent attorneys have wide experience in the area of procedures for obtaining legal protection for inventions created in any field of the technical innovation process. This activity includes consultation during the innovation process, drafting Hungarian patent applications, filing them with and representing them at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, as well as filing and direct representation of international (PCT) and EP patent applications. SBGK’s activity extends to representation and prosecution of foreign patent applications filed in Hungary, furthermore to validation of granted European Patents in Hungary.Performing activities with respect topatent applications of Hungarian and foreign clients outside Hungary, primarily before the European Patent Office or any other country’s respective authority is also among our range of activities.



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