Logistics and Transportation

SBGK has represented small, medium-size and large companies with registered offices located in Hungary or abroad in matters associated with road freight and cargo forwarding for years. Accordingly, answering legal and practical questions arising in this sector and providing consultancy and opinions about such entails daily practice for SBGK.

In addition, SBGK has sufficient know-how and ample experience in the field of Hungarian regulations for and practices in the transportation industry; it knows how the various industry players operate, along with the features characteristic of the state and municipal government domains; it is familiar with administrative, public procurement, state aid, competition law and other legal domains that are closely related to transportation.

Within that, SBGK performs the following activities in particular: providing legal advice about the transportation sector; providing legal advice about authority licensing (e.g. road and water administration) proceedings; due diligence for the operation of transportation industry players, completion of transactions; developing new legal concepts to be implemented in the transportation sector; developing contractual systems associated with freight forwarding and logistics tasks.


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