Utility Model Law

Utility models are a form of protection created for protecting intellectual works that can mostly be used to protect inventions applicable to structural configurations or electrical wiring layouts. The key difference between usage design protection and patents is that the level of creator’s input required to obtain protection is lower compared to inventions that can be patented. What this means in practice is that technical solutions of construction nature can be granted usage design protection even if the level of creator’s input does not reach the degree demanded for being awarded patent protection; statutory regulation requires “inventor’s activity” for patents, and only the existence of the “inventor’s step” in the case of usage design protection, which is of a lower level. Just like in the case of patents, the rights holder has exclusive rights over using the design or granting third parties a license to do so. SBGK’s activity also extends to securing protection in the case of inventions which can be protected with usage design protection as an alternative, also possible to register, to a patent. In addition, our staff participates in preparing applications, and represent our clients completely during annulment proceedings and in any legal situation that may arise.



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