Family and Inheritance Law

The legal regulation of family relationships regulates the system of relationships among individuals within and outside families in terms of personal, plus property and assets criteria. Key areas include marriage, relatives and guardianship. The purpose of legal regulation is for parties to develop their family relationships on their own, with the legal ramifications thereof only coming to the foreground in connection with conflicts that develop or after such. Mediation as a tool for resolving conflicts can be put to particularly effective use in these sensitive matters, as it avoids court litigation and is also among SBGK’s services. 

The sum total of rules influencing the fate of a deceased person’s property and assets entails succession to property left behind. This goes to ensure, for one, that such assets are not rendered unowned, and on the other hand, the financial security of the deceased party’s family and loved ones. Inheritance is primarily based on the rules for legal inheritance, unless a testator provides for testamentary disposition while still alive. It is important to know that pursuant to universal succession, heirs will inherit not only the rights that are part of an estate, but also the obligations, moreover that the order of inheritance will specify how an estate is to be split among multiple heirs. 

In this subject, SBGK’s services include, among others, legal consultation, mediation, representation in litigation (e.g. in divorce action or unlawfully taking children abroad); drafting contracts in, among others, marital property law cases, assistance in cases with international ramifications, drafting wills, representation in probate processes and probate litigation, as well as assistance in cases with international ramifications.



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