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SBGK remains at its clients’ disposal with complex legal services related to the most diverse range of real estate projects. SBGK’s real estate law experts continuously monitor market conditions, changes in the related legal and economic environment, which is why we believe we can provide legal solutions fully aligned with market players’ needs in the case of real estate transactions in both the Hungarian and the international context. 

SBGK’s real estate law operations extend to cover conventional real property transfer and rent contracts, the management of real estate utilisation and financing problems related to complex property development projects, as well as catering to specialised and complicated real estate related legal tasks; with particular reference to industrial park and greenfield investment coordination, sale & leaseback transactions, legal due diligence for real estate, asset management agreements, home lease and home exchange agreements, establishing valuable rights and interests, as well as managing real estate law matters affecting condominiums.

SBGK’s experts can provide legal assistance in the context of development and the legal auditing of credit facilities underlying real estate projects, including consultancy associated with restructuring or selling stalled real estate projects.


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