Hungarian Industrial Property and Copyright Association

Hungarian Industrial Property and Copyright Association (MIE) brings together professionals – mainly patent attorneys, lawyers and economists – who operate, use or apply the legal and organizational system that protects intellectual properties, as well as those who utilize, sell or deal with intellectual property.

Members of the Association at SBGK:

Dr. Gabriella SASVÁRI, attorney at law, member of the board – vice president
Dr. Péter LUKÁCSI, attorney at law, partner – committee member
Dr. Katalin SZAMOSI, attorney at law, president of the board – member of the board
Dr. Vilmos BACHER, attorney at law / counsel
Dr. István BAJKAI, attorney at law, senior partner, member of the board
Dr. Máté BORBÁS, attorney at law
Dr. Katalin DERZSI, patent attorney / senior partner
Dr. Melinda GÁL PhD., patent attorney
Dr. Ádám GYÖRGY LL.M., junior lawyer
Dr. András GYÖRGY, attorney at law
Dr. Enikő KARSAY LL.M.,attorney at law
Dr. Zoltán KÖTELES PhD, patent attorney
Dr. András MÁK, patent attorney
Katalin MÉSZÁROSNÉ DÓNUSZ, patent attorney / member of the board
Dr. Andrea Ilona NAGY, attorney at law
Ádám SZENTPÉTERI,patent attorney / senior partner
Zsolt SZENTPÉTERI, patent attorney / managing partner
Dr. Renáta TÓSZEGI, attorney at law
Dr. Balázs ZAY, paralegal