Topography Protection

Topography protection provides legal protection for the topography of microelectronics semi-conductor products, which play an outstanding role in high-technology. It protects holders from unauthorised imitation, and guarantees a favourable market position by virtue of the monopoly thus created. Under the requirements set against the object of topography protection, it must be the result of its own intellectual creation work; it may not be used in industry at the time of its creation, and it must be composed of originally arranged conventional parts. Topography protection may be granted to the maker or to successors, while topography already subject to protection may solely be used by the protection holder or anyone to whom the holder has granted authorisation for utilisation. The protection period is 10 years from the date of application or – if earlier – ten years from the starting date of first public utilisation in any country. SBGK provides assistance to its clients in securing and applying for topography protection, throughout the protection process, and in the assertion of rights.



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