Labour Law

In terms of employees, SBGK’s labour law related activity encompasses the development and drafting of comprehensive personnel policies spanning from the establishing of employment relationships to the termination thereof, as well as representation in employment related litigation. When drafting and commenting employment contracts, and providing consultancy about legal relationships, we pay dedicated attention to the full scope regulation of liability matters in employment contracts for employees in managerial positions, as well as for other employment contracts. We provide complete labour law services to a number of Hungarian and foreign owned companies, and this extends to cover the drafting and commenting of employer regulations consistently with effective legal regulations and court ruling practices. We provide professional support in developing employee incentive systems, and regarding corporate governance related matters. SBGK also provides consulting and support regarding all forms of reorganisation, downsizing and employment termination; in addition, our activity also includes legal disputes involving both liability under labour law, and those related to the termination of employment. SBGK furthermore provides professional support to clients in drafting non-competition agreements and education contracts, moreover we also have broad professional experience in the rented labour domain.



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