Public Procurement Law

SBGK has in-depth experience in the public procurement law domain, as evidenced by the numerous substantial long term engagements we have. This legal domain includes the full public procurement procedure process, i.e. SBGK can provide legal services to its clients for public procurement procedures under all procedural regimes: from preparing announcements for public procurement procedures to the conclusion of their technical performance on the contracting authority side, and from preparing tenders to letting the agreement and, if necessary, until its final performance on the tenderer side. SBGK has also lots of experience in redress proceedings that arise during public procurement procedures.

We can also leverage our broad public procurement experience in various tender proceedings, and on top of that can provide general and legal consulting related to the complete execution of public procurement procedures and the statutory requirements applicable to conducting such. Within that, SBGK also sees to the following activities: full scope execution of public procurement procedures on the contracting authority side (prepare public procurement procedures, conduct proceeding, contract conclusion, any contract amendments, tending to public procurement tasks related to performance); compile participation requests/tenders to be filed in public procurement procedures, comment on public procurement contracts, representation at contractual negotiations (for certain types of proceedings), representation at legal redress proceedings (preliminary dispute settlement, Public Procurement Arbitration Board proceedings, representation at court proceedings); follow-up audit and revision of public procurement procedures and related contracts on the tenderer side.



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