E-commerce, Information Technology, Telecommunication

SBGK’s key activities include solving internet related legal matters, and legal tasks associated with e-commerce within that. E-commerce is getting ever greater emphasis in every company’s life as having an internet presence gradually becomes indispensable for businesses, as does selling their goods and/or services over the internet (as well). E-commerce is the key to the development of every undertaking, but it poses numerous challenges. SBGK regularly provides consulting related to legal regulations applicable to online services, furthermore provides assistance to businesses in developing the regulations, general terms of contract, and data protection policies that are indispensable for operating online stores.

SBGK also remains at its clients’ disposal concerning all questions related to information technology law, starting from the basics of data protection through internet usage matters to issues linked to software copyright. Several members of SBGK’s staff are elected members of the Council of Copyright Experts, and this goes to ensure that our associates possess the most up to date know-how possible regarding this critically important area of law.



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