Handbook of Art Forgery with the Hungarian eye - the wheat from the chaff published with Enikő Karsay's scientific article

A handbook entitled to 'Counterfeiting with the Hungarian eye - the wheat from the chaff' was published in February 2020. As the first summary book in Hungarian, this publication aims to present the counterfeiting area in a comprehensive way, with the help of Hungarian historians, restorers, journalists and lawyers. In the publication which was launched on February 25, 2020, SBGK partner dr. Enikő Karsay published a scientific article entitled 'Institutional Means against Art Forgery from the Perspective of Copyright'. Moreover, we add that Enikő Karsay is a member of the National Board Against Counterfeiting's Committee on Art Forgery.

The target group includes not only domestic artists, art dealers, art collectors and critics, but also law enforcement and judicial professionals, various participants in higher education and vocational training and the wider public. It is a pioneering initiative due to its broad spectrum and audience, and its high-quality standards, which resulted an educational and cultural publication whose first edition will not be commercially available, but most probably will be available for free of charge to anyone online during the fall.

This book was published jointly by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, the National Board Against Counterfeiting in Hungary, the National Institute of Criminology and the Kieselbach Gallery and Auction House, and contains 18 studies from 14 authors. The articles review the practice and examples of counterfeiting and countermeasures against it.

The editors of the niche publication in Hungary were Miklós Bendzsel, Gabriella Kármán and Péter Emőd, artistic director was Gábor Rieder.