WTR 1000 - SBGK is a recommended firm in Hungary

In this year edition SBGK is recognized as a recommended law firm on the Hungarian market, and three of our colleagues, president of the board Dr. Katalin Szamosi, senior partner Dr. Gabriella Sasvári and partner Dr. Péter Lukácsi are recommended individuals.

As WTR 1000 research directory stated this year “SBGK is a long-established firm that has handled loads of big contentious matters and continues to have an impressive client portfolio. On the scene for 50 years, the firm has had plenty of time to hone its customer service, and it shows; documents are drafted in transparent, straightforward language and queries are dealt with expeditiously.

They wrote the following about Dr. Katalin Szamosi:

"Managing partner Katalin Szamosi is very proactive when it comes to coordinating global brand protection work and deft at dealing with new technologies."

They wrote the following about Dr. Gabriella Sasvári:

"Her running mate Gabriella Sasvári is extremely active in several IP organisations and publishes widely."

And finally they added the following on Dr. Péter Lukácsi:

"Péter Lukácsi pairs stellar trademark knowledge with impressive copyright expertise."

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