Publication by Zsolt Szentpéteri and Szabolcs Farkas in the IAM Yearbook

A recent article was published in the edition of IAM Patent Yearbook 2019: Building IP value in the 21st century by our colleagues Zsolt SZENTPÉTERI and Szabolcs FARKAS. With the article “Unified Patent Court: Constitutional Court decision allows Hungarian SMEs more time to prepare” the authors discuss the background of the Agreement on the Unified Patent Court. The article demonstrates that according to the Constitutional Court’s standpoint Hungary can conclude an international treaty of which only EU member states are parties and under which the institution established applies EU law, but this will become part of EU law only if its legal basis is in the founding treaties. In the second part of the article follows the possible impact of the Unified Patent Court system on the local SMEs, considering both sides of the coin. Lastly, the article details the expected strategies for patent prosecution with the introduction of the Unitary Patent System.

The article is accessible here (in English) or can be downloaded in PDF file:

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