WTR Designs 2016: Dr. Katalin Szamosi and Katalin Mészárosné Dónusz – guide on the Hungarian practice

Dr. Katalin SZAMOSI attorney at law and Katalin MÉSZÁROSNÉ DÓNUSZ patent attorney will guide you into the Hungarian practice of design law. Dr. SZAMOSI shares her expertise on design law litigation, while Mrs. MÉSZÁROSNÉ gives insight into the prosecution of industrial designs in front of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office. The county guide will be useful for practitioners and industry members as well. The country chapter can be fully read under the following link or may be downloaded below.

This article first appeared in WTR Designs Guide 2016, a supplement to World Trademark Review, published by Globe Business Media Group – IP Division’. To view the guide in full, please go to www.worldtrademarkreview.com