Hungarian Trademark Association

The basic objective of the Hungarian Trademark Association is nurturing domestic trademark culture, knowledge transfer and raising awareness on trademarks and design patents and the general advocacy of related professionals. SBGK as a legal entity is member of the Association, while Dr. Katalin SZAMOSI, President of the Board of our offices represents us as vice president in the Competition and Consumer Protection Department.

Members of the Association at SBGK:

Dr. Vilmos BACHER, attorney at law / counsel
Dr. Enikő KARSAY LL.M., attorney at law
Dr. Péter LUKÁCSI, attorney at law
Katalin MÉSZÁROSNÉ DÓNUSZ, patent attorney
Dr. Ádám GYÖRGY LL.M., junior lawyer
Dr. András GYÖRGY, attorney at law
Dr. Gabriella SASVÁRI, attorney at law / senior partner / member of the board
Dr. Máté BORBÁS, attorney at law
Erzsébet MILLEI, paralegal
Dr. Balázs ZAY, paralegal