Farkas Szabolcs


• 1996 Graduated in bioengeenering, Technical University of Budapest

• 1999 Graduated in biomedical engeenering, Technical University of Budapest

• 2001 IP professional, Hungarian Patent Office

Professional experience

• 1996-1998 Central Food Reasearch Institute, research fellow

• 1998-2001 Hungarian Patent Office, patent examiner

• 2001-2010 Hungarian Patent Office, Chemistry and Biotechnology Section, head of section

• 2010-2014 Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, Patent Department, head of department

• 2014-2017 Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, vice president for technical affairs

• 2018 - patent counsel and patent attorney candidate

Memberships and positions

Hungarian Chamber of Patent Attorneys

Hungarian Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and Copyrights

Spoken languages

Practice Areas